Back by popular demand.  Apparently these pages are linked from some other websites and I've received
requests to repost this information so others might be able to retube and rebias their ARC VT100 series amps.

Audio Research VT100 MK Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier.  More detailed info is available below the photo.
I no longer own this amplifier as I sold it around Oct-2001.

Audio Research VT100MKII vacuum tube power amplifier. This is no low budget new comer to the world of audiophile class vacuum tube audio gear.  ARC has been around for some 30-years   I replaced all 16 tubes inside this amp and will describe the process including biasing the power tubes and the driver tubes.  It's a bit involved especially if replacing the driver tubes. Some knowledge of electronics and the ability to read schematic diagrams is essential. Click the photo to move to the next page.
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